Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bobby Franklin- Christian TERRORIST

The christian supremacists love  "nosing into everyone's busineess.
Their view is that whatever their own particular view of the bible comes down to on any issue MUST be imposed on all US citizens by law.  Their chief doctrine is the conflation of RELIGION with politics and law.
. Their not-so-secret goal is to create dominion over every political sphere and write their own special interpreted biblical tenets into our laws, forcing it down everyone's throat.

Is that "small government? What's next, forcing us into church at gunpoint?  Are they going to side with Cotton Mather, and erect punishment stocks in the public square?

Since religious dogma by definition is defined by "faith", it results in logic, human rights, common sense, and even "small government" doctrines being deemed irrelevant by the "faithful" if it comes to anything the dear leaders deem a matter of religious concern or doctrine.

I know of entire congregations of hundreds of well meaning people who really seem like
their lives are taken over by an alien life force. It's the cultish bubble of their own belief systems
reinforced by the Dobson/Falwell/Roberston leader types that lead to insane laws being proposed giving rights to zygotes, and wanting to punish women for even having a miscarriage:

And now we have  this genius Bobby Franklin from Georgia, whose bill
before the Georgia state legislature would make women PROVE they didn't bring on a miscarriage.

His 10-page bill would make any “prenatal murder” a felony punishable by death or life in prison—and that includes miscarriages, in the event the woman cannot prove that there was "no human involvement whatsoever in the causation" of her miscarriage.

WHAT GESTAPO STORM TROOPERS DO WE NEED TO HIRE TO WATCH OVER ALL PREGNANT WOMEN AND GIRLS 24.x 7? Should we have a national database of all pregnancies, and a new federal agency to monitor women with embedded fetal implant RFID chips that report in every hour via 4g networks?  Should we appoint Miscarriage Police and nursing corps  to ensure pregnancies come to term?

I'm sure they'd like to ban the "morning after" pill, even thought that does not cause abortions.
For that matter, by logical extension, why aren't the christian extremists going after contraceptives?
Why not band condoms, birth control pills, IUD's and the like?  After all, they do prevent
children from being born.

And why stop there?   Why not go after married couples who purposely don't have kids?
That's it, that's their new campaign: 

GOD'S WILL FOR YOU, IS WE WILL FORCE YOU TO HAVE 5 KIDS.  Otherwise you, are damned to hell.  You must have children, or face the wrath of GOD, go to jail, lose your house, and be banished from the Christian States of America


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