Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alaska citizens reject Christian Supremacist Don Haase from judges council

 Amazing!  Some brave Alaska folks have rejected a guy who Gov Parnell of Alaska wanted for judge's council.  Don Haase finally admitted at a hearing that he wanted pre-marital and adulterous affairs to be criminalized

"Haase expressed those views during his confirmation before the judiciary committee last week.
A blog post on the Eagle Forum Alaska site had praised efforts at criminalizing adultery in Michigan, and Paskvan asked Haase whether he thought it should be a felony in Alaska.
"I don't see that that would rise to the level of a felony," Haase said. Paskvan: "Do you believe it should be a crime?"
Haase: "Yeah, I think it's very harmful to have extramarital affairs.
Paskvan: "What about premarital affairs -- should that be a crime?"
Haase:. If it came before (the state) as a vote, I probably would vote for it ... I can see where it would be a matter for the state to be involved with because of the spread of disease and the likelihood that it would cause violence. I can see legitimate reasons to push that as a crime."

This is what it's coming to in America:   The Christian Supremacists would enshrine their own biblical viewpoint into law, and the rest of us can just suck it up.  Imagine what the result would be if a Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, or Hindu wanted a bill introduced into law based on their own "sacred texts".

Mr Haase has some great company in the USA with Jim DeMint, who wanted to keep unmarried mothers out of the classroom.   What kind of prejudice does Demint conjure up  day you ask?  What if the teacher is a MILITARY WIDOW  WHOSE HUSBAND DIED IN IRAQ?  "Oh, sorry Ms Widow, you are not worthy of teaching, because Jim Demint  said so.  So just suck it up, quit your teacher job, and pine away for your husband in poverty"  "You are not worthy to teach my kids because a mother without a husband is immoral".
Notice that Jim (invader of your underwear drawer) Demint never talked about unmarried men!
Why not?  What diff does it make?  What if the husband died in a car accident?  Yup, all unmarried mothers out of the classroom, NOW!

Same with the nutcase with a twitching brain stem called Bobby Franklin from Georgia.
"What? You had a miscarriage?  I want the home security tapes from your bathroom so I can find out if you introduced slippery elm tablets into your vagina"  "It's MY RIGHT as a state legislator to know what's going on in your body, since I'm the Georgia church and state inspector for your vaginal area"

Just  do a quick google and you can find thousands of MEN who want to poke their nose into your bidness.And these men are invariably far right, prejudiced, so called "Christians" who feel their particular interpretation of biblical matters trump your rights,your freedom, your privacy, and god dammit, they ARE GOING TO ENSHRINE THESE precepts into US LAW if they  possibly can.
That's right, their RELIGIOUS PREJUDICE will become the LAWS!

Like the law in Michigan, making adultery a CRIME, if it happens in the context of a felony commission?
When I read this, I could not believe any legislature or government would enforce such stupid law in modern times, but yuppers, they just get'r dun up in Michigan.

Yes, my friends, if you happen to commit a felony that somehow involves adultery in Michigan, it could carry a life sentence. These Neandertal hypocrites like Hasse, Demint, and Franklin are motivated by the most dangerous and volatile aspect of human culture:  RELIGION. 

Their  particular brand of vicious and invasive sentiment trumps logic, family, tribe, culture, or patriotism. 

 No amount of dynamite can destroy such hateful and invasive beliefs.  Their ultimate goal is to force these "precepts" on all the rest of us and enshrine them into law. 

So much for freedom in the USA.

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